Joel Ertl, 6th Dan
Anita Bendickson, 5th Dan
Meghan Wilson,3rd Dan

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Robert Fusaro

Test Results- April 7, 2017

Victor Ortega          F-9
Alex Ortega F-9
Grayson Helgeson S-9
Sam Kruck S-9
Katrina Pham F-8
Ivan Pham S-8
Shante' McKee S-8
Tuan Pham F-7
Carlina Lor F-7
Ryu Lor F-7
Andy Lor S-6
Theo Zinos S-6
Thanos Zinos S-6

Kassandra Avila F-5
Paulina Hackett-Medina S-5
Roman Harrington S-5

Next Kyu Exam:

To be announced

What do these results mean?

The number by the name indicates
the results of the test.

The "S" or "F" is used to indicate where
the student placed within that rank.

An "S" or Semi, is considered
average for that level.

An "F", or Full, indicates that the student was better than average for that level.

10- White Belt
 9- Yellow Belt
 8- Orange Belt
 7- Orange Belt
 6- Green Belt
 5- Purple Belt
 4- Purple Belt
 3- Brown Belt
 2- Brown Belt
 1- Brown Belt