Joel Ertl, 6th Dan
Anita Bendickson, 5th Dan
Meghan Wilson,3rd Dan

762 E 7th Street,
St Paul, MN 55106
(651) 771-7901
Robert Fusaro

Karate Rates

Regular Rate:
$95.00 per month

Youth Rate (17 years old and Under) Rate:
$80.00 per month

Children ages 5 and 6 years old:
Children 5 & 6 years old may begin lessons during one of the following time periods. Your child must be at least in kindergarten before he/she will be allowed to start lessons.

January 2-18
April 1-19
October 1-18

Family Rate:
Normal rate for 1st person plus,
$25.00 each additional family member.

Uniform Costs:
The uniform is not required for new students for the first month.
However, the uniform makes training much more comfortable and it is recommended that the student get a uniform as soon as possible.

Adult Sizes: $50.00
Childrens Sizes: $40.00


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Yoga Class Cards:

Yoga classes cards are punched each time you take a class.
There is no monthly fee for these classes.

10 Session Card- $80.00

Single class drop in fee: $10.00



anita doing yoga